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Mercury Dime by DocSonian Mercury Dime by DocSonian
Pink Floyd Keyboardist - Richard Wright RIP

A multi-instrumentalist, Wright had working knowledge of cello,
trombone, guitar and violin. Largely self-taught, like Barrett,
Wright learned to play scales and chords in his own idiosyncratic
fashion. Wright had grown up entranced by jazz and classical music,
listening to Duke Ellington and Aaron Copeland. He taught himself to
play while laid up with a broken foot. Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis'
1959 masterpiece, Kind of Blue, featuring John Coltrane on
saxophone and Bill Evans on piano, was a seminal influence. The modal
structures of that album were to prove a key influence on Wright's
keyboard style.

Wright told Mark Blake, `When I was first in The Floyd I wasn't into pop music at all - I was listening to jazz and when The Beatles.released `Please Please Me' I didn't like it at all. I thought it was
utterly puerile.' Growing up in the days before rock and roll, Wright listened to classical music before getting into traditional jazz players like Humphrey Lyttelton and Kenny Ball. `Then I discovered Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue album and got very excited. Porgy
and Bess is a brilliant record - the nearest thing to a trumpet
made to sound like the human voice. The influences in The Floyd came
from different areas. Syd was more into Bo Diddley; I had the more
classical approach.' When time came to play with Wright, they would
find their interests dovetailed well. Barrett's glissandi circling
clusters of sparse root chords played by Wright.

Wright's keyboard style had a unique melancholic grandeur. He had an
ear for exotic sounds, bringing in Middle Eastern Phrygian scales into
his mix. Never one to play lightning fast or pound the notes out,
Wright conjured up his unique style with patience. What was left out
was as important as what stayed in, and Wright took a calm and
methodical approach. The influence of Davis sideman Bill Evans
introspective, melancholic piano was strong. Modal jazz had minimal
chords and relied on melody and intervals of different modes. A slow
harmonic rhythm opened space in the music, in contrast to bebop's

Wright would develop a strong interest in the splinter free jazz
movement, listening to Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane
and Thelonious Monk's albums. Add to this his taste for classical
composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Béla Bartók
and there was an interesting and unusual convergence of styles in
Wright's playing.

Wright's organ proved an ideal counterpoint to Barrett's guitar. Pink
Floyd's core sound stemmed from Wright as much as Barrett. Wright has
not received proper credit, often matching Syd note for sustained
note. Wright became intuitive and agile, with a strong melodic sense,
his languorous chords contrasting with flurries of scales. Jenner:
`That Farfisa and all the pedal notes and sustaining chords he used
combined with the echoes from Syd, who was much more sparkly.'

Wright accompanied rapid alternating fluid leads and cacophonous
textures in Barrett's guitar playing. Barrett would switch to static
rhythm while Wright unleashed colour washes. Composer Phil Salathé
says, `Wright's approach was highly scalar, often built from
chromatically-inflected modal forms that remained more or less stable
throughout a particular solo. Barrett, by contrast, favoured direct
chromaticism, taking a set of pitches from a particular scale or mode
and transposing them by fixed amounts, most often a semitone.'

Wright used, in his words, `chordal progression and melodic lines just
above them' to weave his web. Wright incorporated Charles Mingus'
radical innovations like pitting flatted-fifth intervals outside the
chord, out of context, creating floating intervals that suggest their
presence without a literal presence inside the chord. Wright would
play the `blue tones' with his right hand, articulating a tone foreign
to the home key, Say, an E-flat, while his left hand held down simple
progressions in C.

Wright learned much of this from playing along with pieces such as
Aaron Copland's [i]Four Piano Blues, which incorporate these and
similar devices. The implications of bi-tonality would appear and
disappear like a mirage. Together, they used dissonance as
suggestion, with chord sequences that hover at the edge of resolution,
or resolve on the most unexpected chords. Salathé notes, `Indeed, one
of Wright's most enduring virtues is his penchant for surprising and
non-stereotyped harmonies, and much of this probably derives from his
early exposure to this music.'

Wright added, `American classical composer Aaron Copland's 1962
Appalachian Spring is his most famous work. I discovered him
back in the late '60s after hearing something on the radio. Like all
my favorite music, there's something in his material that touches me.
I think it's the chordal progression and the melodic lines just above
them that do it for me here - and it's very peaceful. When I listen
to the stuff that I've played over the years I feel I've been heavily
influenced by Copland, albeit subconsciously.'

As Gilmour said, 'Rick Wright was the soul of Pink Floyd.' A
sublime musician, whose elegant and economical melodic lines are a sonic marvel.
Rick Wright will be sorely missed.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2008-09-24
Mercury Dime by ~DocSonian is an incredibly vivid piece, drawn and executed with passion. ( Suggested by Birgit-Zartl-Photo and Featured by limnides )
Anyhero40 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011
honestly man, you did it, Amazing Artwork.
DocSonian Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011
thank you very much
Anyhero40 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2011
u welcome
jupitersblh Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011
DocSonian Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011
many thanks
and like the belly

MrKeijo Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looking the thumbnail I thought it´s painting about the paint tubes in the box ... (Sorry about that)
Nice abstract painting, Mark!
DocSonian Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2008
looks better in real life
a beauty that does not come off well in this tiny format

and thanks.....MD was a fun one
MrKeijo Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree, art allways look better in real life....
eStrix Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this style! :clap:
DocSonian Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2008's gotten me here so far
AlecBell Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2008
The image has a monumental quality to it, with a solidity that contrives to be virtual.

I'm not sues that that I could make the connection to Richard Wright, but it's asking a lot of such an abstract image that it should be literally readable.
DocSonian Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2008
Truth is I generally accompany my paintings here with my poetry. Just so happened i heard Wright passed away the day I was posting 'Mercury Dime' and felt it the best image I could post that showed my appreciation for him and his music.
I listen to music when I paint, and Pink Floyd held prominently in that regard.
So it all fit in my mind.
cheekymonkeyali Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2008
What better influence could a person have than Kind of Blue?
DocSonian Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008
None at all. Miles is the man. Always has been he starting prowling the NYC clubs.
I just heard they are actually releasing a box set of the Kind Of Blue
Miles of Miles it seems.
wimpy3 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amen to that! Nice work and awesome music!
DocSonian Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2008
check this out


Bob Dylan
Tell Ol' Bill
from Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8

The river whispers in my ear
I've hardly a penny to my name
The heavens have never seemed so near
All my body glows with flame.

The tempest struggles in the air
And to myself alone I sing
It could sink me then and there
I can hear the echoes ring.

I tried to find one smilin' face
To drive the shadow from my head
I'm stranded in this nameless place
Lyin' restless in a heavy bed.

Tell me straight out if you will
Why must you torture me within?
Why must you come down off your high hill?
Throw my fate to the clouds and wind.

Far away in a silent land
Secret thoughts are hard to bear
Remember me you'll understand
Emotions we can never share.

You trampled on me as you passed
Left the coldest kiss upon my brow
All my doubts and fears have gone at last
I've nothing more to tell you now.

I walk by tranquil lakes and streams
As each new season's dawn awaits
I lay awake at night with troubled dreams
The enemy is at the gate.

Beneath the thunder-blasted trees
The words are ringin' off your tongue
The ground is hard in times like these
Stars are cold, the night is young.

The rocks are bleak, the trees are bare
Iron clouds go floatin' by
Snowflakes falling in my hair
Beneath the gray and stormy sky.

The evenin' sun is sinking low
The woods are dark, the town is too
They''ll drag you down, they run the show
Ain't no tellin' what they'll do.

Tell Ol' Bill when he comes home
Anything is worth a try
Tell him that I'm not alone
That the hour has come to do or die.

All the world I would defy
Let me make it plain as day
I look at you now and I sigh
How could it be any other way?
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Hidden by Owner
xtangboss Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008   Traditional Artist
a very passionate piece indeed; )
im wondering, because im new to using paints, how do you get that kind of texture in the white strokes, do you just paint black lines over top?
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
thanks...that is nice indeed

exactly.....the black goes over the white calligraphy shapes
gives depth to the eye
but so smooth to the touch
xtangboss Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008   Traditional Artist
hmm i see i got a box of acrylics... i think i might go practice some texture stuff like that now,
and thanks for your other comment, i dont know Frida Kahlo but im interested what her view of trotsky is..
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008
here a nice start with Frida's work.
There is a great show here at the SFMOMA of her paintings. Wild stuff

mess around with the acrylics
will have to teach you some techniques sometime
the dry fast
well faster than oil
a lot of possibilities

do it
blood-filled Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008
Veryyyy cool.
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2008
many thanks......was the best one on the wall that day
Exhibitz Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008
Pretty damn cool!
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008 i am trying to find again on this canvas i just started
Alchemic-Illusion Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Fantastic painting!

I would love that on my wall.
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
thanks so's a beauty....hanging in a house in Wellseley, Massachucetts

well have one similar still
Alchemic-Illusion Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You're welcome.

I might just break into the house to see it up close. Haha...
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008
easier to break into my studio
Alchemic-Illusion Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008
I'll leave the key under the mat
Alchemic-Illusion Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

I'd already gotten my mask and lock pick ready...I'll just pretend I didn't read that.
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008
I'll wait for you then...sounds like it will be a fun break in
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PenguinsUnlimited Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008   Photographer
Amazing. What an awesome way to honor his memory.

+fav for sure.
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008
appreciate that

one of my favorite bands
Deino Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008
Another diamond leaves us...

beautiful painting.
DocSonian Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
and i still miss the possibility that they would ever regroup
Deino Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
Yeah, I know. I was hoping to see them togehter one more time....
DocSonian Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
I know....same here
JessyFTW22 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008   Photographer
rip RW. good work
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
for the Floyd

and thanks

he rests with Syd
Kisarune Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008
insane composition. I would love to hang that on my wall. you should be proud.
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
like that
insane composition

it looks great on a nice white clear wall
myxchemicalxkiss Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008
What a beautiful tribute to a wounderful man :)

He was indeed great. Very great.
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
I know
losing special people like him is not fair

the sky is getting filled
myxchemicalxkiss Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008
But a filled sky means more beautiful sunsets in the end.
DocSonian Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2008
my dream is to just sit and watch a beautiful neon glowing sunset
the sun splatter down
the big red ball falls beyond eyesight
and the sky explodes in colored clouds and streaks of light from heavens above
and then
do it again the next day
a nice way to spend time in between painting
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